A Trinity of Transformation

Yeast, salt and light

each able to transform

one state of being to another,

but together they become

images for our understanding.


It is as if

we are the fruit of God’s planting.

From harvested grain

we can become fine flour

as we pass between life’s millstones.


The yeast of compassion

lightens our heaviness.

The salt of our deepening faith

adds flavour.

Living water of God’s Spirit

transforms our very being.


As time passes

we become like risen dough.

Baked with the warmth of Jesus’s light

we become bread to be shared

in God’s world.


We have so little to offer

but from our little, freely given,

God creates enough and to spare

because only a little is needed.

IF we cooperate

and contribute our yeast, salt and light,

we become a miniscule trinity of love.


Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy