Advent Reflections 2021: Day 12

Mary did you know?

Other than a lovely tune, in my opinion, especially when done in four-part harmony, the lyrics to this Christmas hymn take it even higher on my favourite list.

First, the lyrics display a theology about the good news of Jesus. Who was he, what did he do? These are both covered and entice others deeper into knowing who this baby boy was. He was different, special, healed people and saved them! It really is the basics without the complicated bits that we can disagree on. This is the divinity of Christ.

Secondly we have the humanness of Christ. His mother, Mary, kissing his face, loving her baby boy. We see here the beautiful relationship between mother and son, but recognise that same relationship in all parents and their children. Mary did you know? I guess the real answer is no, not fully, but she had a better knowledge than most. Mary is portrayed as a peaceful, reflective person to me. Storing up all those things said and displayed in her heart to ponder later, not entirely sure what is going to happen to her special firstborn.

Neither do we know what will become of us. What things has God got in store for us that we do not know yet? Maybe not walking on water but who you will become, what things you will see, hear and do is never complete until our last breath. God’s not done with you yet! If each day we are prepared to walk the path that Jesus invites us on, who knows where it will lead us.

Matt Smith


Holy Spirit,

help us to journey through our own lives

trusting in your promise to give us the strength

and gifts to go where you call, just as Jesus did. Amen