Advent Reflections 2021: Day 7

7 December    Hills of the North, rejoice (StF 188)

Recently the bible study group of which I am part studied Mark’s gospel. In the very final chapter, in the longer ending, there is a commission, ‘Preach the Good News to all creation’. I had never noticed that before.

At the end of the bible, in Revelation, it is announced that all things will be made new: that there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

These passages made a difference to the way I view the climate crisis.

It is true that we must act now, and act sacrificially, if our world, the world which cradles and sustains us, is to survive and thrive. If we are to survive and thrive. However, sometimes the magnitude of the task causes us to despair, particularly when the burden of change seems to be carried completely on our shoulders.

Jesus’ commission says this is not so. Jesus is with us, guiding us, giving us discernment, strength and courage. Jesus tells us that all will be well. This is not a recipe for complacency, but one for hope. All things will be made new, and it is beginning even now. Hills of the North reminds of the shout of praise that we will hear from all creation when things are, indeed, blessed in Jesus.

Sue Rowe


Loving God,

We bring our fears and weakness to you

Believing that you can give us what we need

Help us to share your Good News with all creation

In our prayers and actions.

Help us to look forward to a time when all creation will be blessed.