Advent Reflections 2021: Day 8

Longing for light, we wait in darkness

 (StF 706)                             

When I began local preaching I was advised, by several people, that I should not preach politics from the pulpit.

Hymn 706 is a hymn of longing. In it we find a list of social needs that today would be political issues.

The Old Testament prophets had no problem criticising the King and his officials. We can read an example of some stinging criticism in Amos 5 v10-15. The rich are criticised for building stone mansions while at the same time taxing the poor to the limits of what they can afford.

Christians cannot ignore or dismiss politics, because we are called to love our neighbours, and that means getting involved in the way that they are treated. Do we keep our political views to ourselves, or do we inform our political beliefs with the teachings of Jesus? The challenge is clear in the words of the last verse of the hymn.

‘Let us be servants one to another,

Making your kingdom come.’

Phil Davis


Loving God,

We bring our fears and weakness to you

Believing that you can give us what we need

Help us to share your Good News with all creation

In our prayers and actions.

Help us to look forward to a time when all creation will be blessed.