Advent Reflections 2022: 11th December

Genesis 9: 8-16
What a wonderful promise God has made to us. 

He loves us unconditionally and sends us such a beautiful sign to show and remind us of his promise. But do we offer the same promise to God? Do we love him as much as he loves us? Do we love and care for others as God loves and cares for us?

In a world which feels so full of conflict and misery, the thought and vision of a vibrant rainbow becomes a symbol of hope and peace – a view of a promise made so long ago, but one which still stands firm.

My theory of this is that God does not like punishing us but sometimes we need to be shown the right path. God was obviously cross with humanity and how we were behaving. How many times, as parents or guardians, have we been in that situation? How many times have all our buttons been pushed to the extreme, so that we are desperate to grab the attention of those we are seeking to help and protect? The regret is often immediate, and we feel guilty for inflicting punishment, just as God did.

This story shows to me the compassionate side of God. How he loves us so much that our foolish actions affect him so deeply, he acts almost human in his approach to mankind, and then he remembers who he is and what his plans are for us, and he promises never again to punish us like that again. He remembers he has given us free will and that we need guidance not punishment. Perhaps we should remember that, when we are pushed to the limit by loved ones, and lash out. We too should always be prepared to recognise when we have gone too far, and apologise to those we love when needed.

Pamela Sewart

Let us be thankful that our God is a merciful God,
hold on to the promise he has made with us,
and show his love and mercy to all those who we meet,
clearly reflecting, for all to see, who we are and to whom we belong. Amen