Advent Reflections 2022: 23rd December

John 1: 1-9
To be honest, I have read and listened to these words and verses for years without really understanding what they mean. John the author would have been saddened by my reaction. To him the meaning was obvious. Everyone knew what he meant by ‘the Word’.

What he is saying is that Jesus was nothing less than God himself and that, when God spoke to the world, he did so in the form of his Son Jesus, the Word.

John is very clear about the purpose of his Gospel. He isn’t writing a philosophical textbook but offering an introduction to a friend of his called Jesus. He wants his readers to understand that if they intend to find out hat life is all about then they need to meet Jesus and receive the life that he came to bring through believing in his name.

There is no question that people want to find meaning and purpose for their lives, but they are looking in the wrong place. They need to look to Jesus if they want to find the true light he came to bring. The role of John the Baptist was crucial; his specific task was not to draw attention to himself but to point to Jesus. John couldn’t save people from their sins or give them eternal life. But he knew a man who could, and his ministry was focussed on helping people to meet and follow Jesus.

Our role is similar. We are never called to draw attention to ourselves, as if we have the answers to people’s needs. Our task is to point to Jesus so that they can find new life in him.

John Roberts

Lord God,
thank you for all those people who have helped me meet Jesus.
Help me to be faithful in leading others to follow him. Amen.