Advent Reflections 2022: 2nd December

Matthew 24: 36-44
The Christmas account reminds us that there was no room for Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem to rest. The arrival of the Christ child changed the world and made room for each one of us in the Kingdom of God. We are told that one day Christ will return again.

Today we are reminded that Jesus makes it clear that only his Father knew the time of his return. Our reading mentions Noah, who did not know when the flood would come until he had entered it and waited. And so it is for us… we must live our life centred around the normal things: eating and drinking and going about our life until the Day of Judgement comes – the return of Jesus. We must be ready, for the return of Jesus will come without warning.

There comes a point in our daily life that makes us question the meaning of it. Perhaps we have faith in Jesus, or perhaps we are showing an interest from afar. There is room for you – belonging to Christ is for you. Today let us prepare ourselves to be ready for the return of Jesus.

Revd. Sharon Read

Dear Lord,
we thank you for your welcome into the Kingdom of God,
and we ask you to help us to prepare again for your return,
for we know not when.
As we prepare to celebrate your birth,
help us to put ourselves right with you:
to accept you as Lord and Saviour of our lives,
to live in obedience to all that you ask of us,
to seek forgiveness for the times we get it wrong,
and to study your Word
that we may learn more of your truth and wisdom.
Help us to welcome others,
to share your love for them;
and help us to be ready. Amen