Advent Reflections 2022: 3rd December

Isaiah 49: 13-16
In this reading, we hear God respond to the complaints from the people of Jerusalem, that God has forsaken them. He says that he is like a mother who cannot forget her child, but obviously these same words apply to us as well. God’s promises are not just for the Israelites, but for the whole of mankind because he made us all and we are all his children, he will not forget any of his children.

However, when we see what is going on in the world today, war and climate change and hunger, it is easy for us to think that has forsaken us. It is man who has forgotten God, or blame God, and many who think they are God, but lack his wisdom. Yet others claim that God justifies their evil deeds through faith – but actions not based on love are not from God, but come from man.

Our God is a God of love, he shows us if we look, he tells us if we listen. He is always with us and is not divided from us by race, colour or creed. For us, we see this through the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ – God here on earth – which we celebrate at this coming time of the year. For through him, we receive God’s promise, which is sure and certain. He will never forget us.
So, I can rejoice in the words at the beginning of this passage:

Sing, heavens! Shout for joy, earth! Let the mountains burst into song! The Lord will comfort his people, he will have pity..

John Worthington

we thank you for your constant presence good times and bad.
We thank you for the comfort and the peace
which we receive through your Son’s promises
to each and every one of us on your Earth.
All praise and glory to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.