Advent Reflections 2023: Day 8

8 December John 20:24-29

Have faith and do not doubt… Sometimes we have to deal with challenges, trials, chaos, grief, loss and other frustrations in our lives, and we also have to struggle with ‘faith doubts’. Some of us start questioning, ‘Why would God let this happen to me?’ Or some may say: why would God remain so hidden when I need him?

My story might be an encouragement for such people. In October 2020, I was diagnosed with womb cancer and the only remedy was a full hysterectomy. I was shocked, desperate, worried, scared. While I was waiting for my surgery, I caught Covid and was hospitalised twice. Doctors and staff struggled to treat me as my oxygen levels became dangerously low.

My friends, family and even the doctors were worried, but I knew and I could feel God’s presence with me. God healed me and brought me home safe and sound. Then in May 2021, I had my operation, and now I am doing fine, by the grace of my Lord. No doubt some days during my illness and struggle, I was tempted to be fearful and worried, but then I raised my hands and raised my voice and I praised God and declared his faithfulness to me.

Whenever you struggle with doubts and think that your faith in God won’t survive, then study the evidence of his existence. See God in the breezes in the woodlands, soaring over the mountaintops, sweeping through plains and deserts. Every star that shines and every grain of the soil is full of life, declaring the presence of the Lord. Birds eat regularly because of their provider God. Blooming gardens with so many beautiful flowers are signs of God’s own designs. The weather changes, keeping creatures alive because of Creator God.

Promilla Jabeen

Dear God, help us to sense you
in the world around us, to know your voice, and to receive your correction and guidance in our hearts. In Jesus’ name we ask.