Christian Aid Faith Will Campaign 2023

Faith Will….move mountains! Faith Will…bear fruit! Faith Will…live on! 

Our faith is powerful. So are gifts in Wills. That’s why, for the first time, Christian Aid is bringing together the Church of England, the Church of Scotland and the Quakers in partnership to encourage people of all denominations to remember their own church, and Christian Aid, in their Will. Our Faith Will campaign is the first of its kind – an ecumenical campaign for Legacy gifts. 

Will you join us this September to talk about gifts in Wills in your church? Our free resources are now available and will make it easy. Plan your Faith Will moment now! Together we’ll transform both our communities and the lives of our global neighbours. Sign up today for your free resources at   

Gifts in Wills help tackle global poverty and injustice 

In Zimbabwe, Jane Paeramanzi’s crops were destroyed by drought and pests. Today, thanks to people like you and your congregation, she’s not just learned climate-smart farming skills. Jane is creating her own legacy, by passing on her knowledge to the community. 

Gifts in Wills help churches create lasting change in local communities 

Churches are at the heart of our communities, and for many, they’re a spiritual home. That’s why Roger Gayler (see photo) held a special event to promote gifts in Wills to his congregation. Because every gift to a local church strengthens communities, and shares God’s love with future generations. Leaving a gift in your Will to your church can be incredibly powerful and ensure that the mission of your church lives on, long after you are gone. Darren Staunton, Church Engagement and Fundraising Officer (Gr Manchester, Lancashire & Merseyside) said “Whether you have five minutes or an hour, a whole service or a short group conversation, we’ve got all the resources you need take part in Faith Will, in your own way.”  

By helping your congregation to consider a leaving gift in their Will to their own church and Christian Aid, you can let your faith live on, helping your local community to flourish while tackling injustice and poverty worldwide.  

This can be your legacy!

Free resources available at  

By Kathy Childress, Legacy Training Specialist at Christian Aid 

Photo caption: Roger Gayler held a special event to promote gifts in Wills to his congregation  
Photo credit: Christian Aid / Robin Prime