Church Action on Poverty Sunday 2024

“Dreamers who Do” is the theme for Church Action on Poverty (CAP) Sunday 11 February, 2024. As the General Election approaches, say the organisers, “we urgently need our politicians to take action to tackle UK poverty. Let’s explore our dreams of a better world and work together to turn them into reality.”

A prayer for Church Action on Poverty Sunday

Dear God,
You are the one who dreamt me into life.
You took me from an idea and turned me into a living being.
Help me to turn my own dreams of a better, kinder world
Into concrete realities.
The world has enough resources to end poverty
And I have enough resources to help make that happen.
Lord, use me.
Take me beyond my dreams, to help build your kingdom on this earth.

Revd Chris Howson

Poem: Heavenly vision

A city of gold wrapped in a vision of light,
where there is no night, nor a temple in sight,
but with a river pure and crystal bright
flowing between twelve trees of life
planted to heal the nations’ strife.

Such is one vision of heaven.

But what of those whose place on earth
would seem to be of little worth?
Or those who pray their war may cease
and they, one day, may live in peace?
Or those who sigh with broken heart
to see their nation torn apart?

What heavenly vision is theirs?

A promise of peace wrapped in a cloak of care.
A place of hope where each may find a share
of a sacred space, just any place, so God can meet them there.

This is their vision of heaven.

Marjorie Dobson