Daily Advent reflection: 10th December

10 December Psalm 72: 1–4

The overarching theme of Psalm 72 is the vision of a great ruler
who brings peace and righteousness, and whose influence goes
beyond country boundaries. This would have appealed to the first
hearers of this psalm as there was a disparity between the portrayal
of a Holy King and the actual behaviours of many of the kings of
Israel and Judah.

This psalm is assumed to be a prayer for Solomon and for those in
David’s line who would follow him. But it ultimately looks to God’s
perfect reign and His will for the world. In other words, thy kingdom
come: thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

With only two days to go until the 2019 General Election we might
well be wondering whether any of the parties will be able to keep
the promises made in their manifestos. All the parties have outlined
their own visions, designed to appeal to everyone. We know from
experience that not everything promised by political leaders will
come to fruition. However, we can have a confidence in God’s
ultimate reign.

Pru Cahill

God of love,
I celebrate your constant presence in my life and in our world; your
faithfulness has never wavered.

God of justice,
I give thanks for your presence in the life and actions of those who have
challenged the prejudice and discrimination of their world.

God of mercy,
I pray for those who take great risks to bring the good news to troubled
peoples and places.