Daily Advent reflection: 14th December

14 December Matthew 13: 31–32

Eric Clapton wrote: “Plant your love and let it grow” (Let It Grow,

Planting a seed and waiting for it to grow takes time. The growing at
first takes place unnoticed. For a while therefore nothing may seem
to happen.

And some seeds do not mature. They may not get the nourishment
they need, or the conditions are wrong; there may be a frost at the
wrong time, a flood, a drought.

So planting a seed is an uncertain, fragile event.

If it does grow though, what is planted will always be what grows. If
we plant love, love will grow. If we plant discord, discord will be the
result. Some people seem to like to plant discord.

You can’t plant turnips and get daffodils. But if you plant daffodils
you don’t get thistles.

Sometimes the seeds spread to unexpected places.

Paul Johnson

Lord, help us to think what we are planting, and not to be discouraged
if the results are not immediately obvious.