Daily Advent reflection: 2nd December

2 December Isaiah 35: 1–4

Like a rose blooming in the winter,
like a candle burning bright,
like a star shining in the shadows,
like a love song in the night,
Hope comes softly, Hope comes gently,
like a promise over all;
falling graceful as a snowflake
from the loving heart of God.

Like a lark singing in the silence,
like a fragrance in the air,
like a wind moving through the forest,
like the whisper of a prayer,
Peace comes softly, Peace comes gently,
bringing mercy, bringing grace;
heaven’s blanket of assurance,
warming touch of love’s embrace.

Let the valleys ring with music,
let the desert bloom and thrive;
for a Rose opens in the moonlight,
bringing hope and joy and life;
bringing love to heal the nations,
bringing comfort to the soul,
bringing truth to light the darkness,
bringing grace to make us whole.

Joseph M Martin, ‘The Advent Rose’
taken from Let There Be Christmas.

Anne Wilde

Gracious God, you do not expect me to dispel my darkness with my own
light, or to overcome my weakness with my own strength.

You offer your hope, your joy, your life; to bring me healing, comfort,
light and wholeness; and not just me, but this and every nation upon
the earth.

As this country prepares to make profound choices once again, help us
first and foremost to choose you, our hope and our salvation.
May your Kingdom come, and your will be done.