Daily Advent Reflection: 5th December 2020

Psalm 18: 1–6

The psalm starts with a powerful assertion of God’s strength and
deliverance, but the psalmist has only reached this point of assurance
from one of despair and danger, and it is that honesty that appeals to

I remember seeing a banner that read ‘The person whose Bible is
falling apart is not falling apart themselves’ and feeling that I really
wanted to tear it down and burn it! It left no room for anyone who
was going through dark times, living with depression or loss. It
offered a glib platitude that short-changed the good news of the

The psalms remind us that it is ok to feel angry with God and the
world, to know what it is to despair and feel cut off, to be honest with
ourselves and our creator.

In this season we will sing and read about a God who becomes
incarnate, is with us in the mess and chaos of human life.
These are strange times we are living in and we will only find hope,
peace and light if we can own the darkness and chaos and be honest
with ourselves and with God.

Peter Smith

Dear God, when I am feeling frightened, alone, without hope and the
world seems to have ganged up on me help me to remember that I am
loved and you are with me in the mess of life. Amen.