Daily Advent Reflection: 7th December 2020

Psalm 27: 1–6

At first glance, this reading does not seem to fit Advent, but it begins,
‘The Lord is my light and salvation’, and light is always Advent.
It does however show the theme of Christmas for throughout the
Psalmist speaks of God with us and the encouragement that gives us.
We call this Assurance, but although the writer feels this, it is different
to our thoughts in that God is on his side and he will overcome all his
enemies. Alas with the Holocaust and pogroms, where was God?

If God is the maker of all, then he also made his enemies, so we are all
his children and with free will, we can be with him or against him, he
cannot interfere or free will is taken away. He works through us when
we let him.

The knowledge of God with us, which is the true gift of Christmas,
allows us to endure, to not lose hope, to know that God will never
forsake us, even in the worst of times, almost like the Psalmist, yet
with Christ it passes on through death. We have a future, a promise
sure and certain.

Wesley’s last words: ‘Best of all is God is with us’.

John Worthington

As the Psalmist said, ‘I will sing, I will praise the Lord’, for you are ‘my
Light and my salvation’. You give us the peace which passes all
understanding and we look to you and not to ourselves. Let us
remember that you are with us, Immanuel, our Saviour.