Daily Advent reflection: 7th December

7 December Ezekiel 34: 11–16

When I think of the Kingdom of God I think of a wonderful place where everyone is safe and free from harm. Jesus spoke lovingly about this Kingdom during his ministry and how it was a place of love and peace for all who believe in God; a place for all who believe in God’s desire to protect those who need protecting, in how God watches over us all and keeps us safe from harm if we follow him.

The passage of Ezekiel reflects this for me with a wonderful description of all who are in some kind of need or lost being gathered up, rescued, made well and looked after. Just like being wrapped in loving arms and feeling safe.

This passage reflects the coming to an end of a time of repression from those in power, as God says he will destroy the strong and tend those who have been oppressed and treated badly. God will be a new leader in his Kingdom and will not be oppressive or self- indulgent. Something all leaders of nations should take notice of and follow God’s example.

Jesus shows us how love and compassion towards others will lead us to entry into the Kingdom of God, a place we should all be aiming towards where we will all be loved and cared for with all our needs met in abundance. What a wonderful thought.

Pamela Sewart

Loving God, gather up all those who need your loving embrace and bring them closer to you just as the good shepherd gathers up his sheep and tends to their every need. Bring everyone into your Kingdom where love and joy are abundant and all can feel safe and loved.