Daily Advent reflection: 9th December

9 December Psalm 47: 1–9

I remember when I was about three or four years old, I particularly
loved singing Psalm 47, because we used to clap and sing with an
expression of joy in a thrilling mood. I would always ask my
grandad, who was the minister of our church at that time, ‘Are we
singing Psalm 47 this Sunday, Grandad?’ And grandad would reply
with a smile, saying ‘YES!’ So it is one of my favourite psalms since

As I grew and learnt about Christ’s entire life of obedience, atoning
death, resurrection and ascension, the idea of the psalmist’s
‘command to praise’ became clearer and clearer. Jesus came to this
earth, lived and died for our sake and bore the agony of crucifixion
to bring us near the throne of God. Only Jesus is worthy of all our
praises and worship and we should praise our Lord with great joy,
because He is our only Hope and the way to Eternal life.

He inaugurated the Kingdom of God for us which we had lost by the
temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The Bible tells
us clearly that, once our Saviour succeeded in the wilderness, He
made it possible for us to rule and reign with Him forever and the
word of God assures us a wonderful time of peace and prosperity
ahead, when Christ will return to this earth. Nation will not lift up
sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more (Isaiah
2:3,4), What a wonderful future we have in Jesus, Hallelujah.

Promilla Jabeen

Dear God, give us passionate hearts and voices to sing praises to glorify
the King and Redeemer of all nations and give us wisdom to learn the
Gospel well, to share it with others.