Prayer of the Month, April 2021

Sovereign God, this past year has been long and tough for us. Many of us could share the sense that you, our Loving Lord, had  abandoned  us.  Many  were isolated and alone, suffered physically, financially and emotionally. Meanwhile, some had been living with the fear of losing their loved ones.

Merciful God, as the grave stone rolled away to release redemptive love and comfort to a weeping woman, you heard our cries. Gracious God, we are thankful for the wisdom granted by your Spirit to the Scientists, doctors and technicians who prepared the coronavirus vaccine, we are grateful for the greatest hope and joy that we can see our families, friends and neighbours protected and our businesses and economy flourishing.

Great God, thank you  for providing hardworking and sincere NHS staff and keyworkers who look after and serve people at this troubling time with great care.

Lord Almighty, grant wisdom to the leaders of this world so they discern and negotiate just ways to aid those who are most afflicted.  Heavenly  Father, comfort those who are grieved and anxious. Have compassion on those who are suffering with illness, isolation or deprivation.

Eternal Father you resurrect Jesus, grant  us  Spirit  so we may bear faithful witness of His resurrection by helping and loving others.

In Jesus’s name we ask. Amen.

Promilla Jabeen