Prayer of the Month, April 2022

Loving Lord, spring is appearing all around us. Daffodils and crocuses are springing up in our gardens, the weather is changing, there is more light to brighten our days. It is a time for new life and new hope.

But when we see the world  around  us, wars  we  don’t  understand, refugees fleeing their countries with little or nothing, families wrenched apart, lives changed forever, people unable to afford what we consider the basics of life as prices rise, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We  remember  the  people  of  the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Yemen as they cope with situations not of their making.

We look  for  you  in  these  situations, and we find you in the people inviting refugees into their homes, those providing food and comfort in the camps and those risking their own lives to bring peace and stability to the world. We see you in those collecting food, clothing and other basics for living to send to Ukraine. We see doctors, nurses, firemen, charity workers and others travelling to these areas to help where they can in unimaginable circumstances.

Lord, we ask for your protection and that the whole world may see the light of renewal and peace in your love.


Paula Collins