Prayer of the Month, February 2021

Another year, another month!  Sometimes it  seems  to  go by very quickly, Lord, and at others the hours, the  days, the  weeks  drag on, because little has changed.  Covid 19  is  with  us  still,  more  virulent  than  ever,  the NHS is overwhelmed, businesses under threat of closure; ‘lockdown’ continues, and so many are isolated, afraid of going beyond their front door.  We may see one another virtually, but we’re separated physically from family and friends, and it all feels, it all is, so unnatural.

But you know  all  this,  Lord,  because  in  Jesus  you  came  among  us  and experienced human life to the full, and you understand first-hand what we’re going through.  Wherever we are, however we are, you see our tears and your heart breaks; you hear our anxieties and our fears and you offer us your peace; you know  of  our  concerns  for  the  future  and  you  remind  us  of  your faithfulness; you feel our aloneness and you assure us ‘I am with you always’.

For you are with us in ways that cannot be restricted by any human limitations; there are no boundaries to your love, and through your Holy Spirit you reach out to us, bringing your life and light into all the dark corners of our world.  And so we pray, Lord for all who are struggling to keep going, for all on the front line of caring for others, in  hospitals  and  homes, in schools and local services.  May  we  all  find  your resources  of  strength,  of  compassion, of resilience and hope sufficient to meet our every need, as we put our trust in you. 


Liz Stuart