Prayer of the Month February 2022


by Nick Palfreyman


* there are no wrong answers

God of love,

As we greet another month, we:

  a) thank you for always being there for us

  b) praise you for your abundant grace

  c) adore you for revealing your love to us in Jesus.

As many people continue to suffer from Covid, here and around the world, we:

  a) pray for all who are sick or in pain, with Covid and for other reasons

  b) hold before you those whose mental health is suffering

  c) remember all who are caring for others in different ways.

At a time when hatred and misunderstanding seem to have become commonplace around the world, we

  a) long for justice to roll down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream

  b) remember all who are trying to effect peace and reconciliation

  c) say ‘your will be done’ and ask you to show us how we can play our part in your kingdom.

February is usually cold and still a bit too dark for our liking, so we:

  a) remember those who find it difficult to get up in the morning

  b) pray for people who are working night shifts and get even less daylight than we do

  c) prepare ourselves for Lent, which begins on 2 March, and look forward to the hope of Easter morning.