Prayer of the Month, June 2021

Loving God, as opportunities for connection with others and meeting up in
person becomes more attainable please help us to remember all that we
have experienced in this past year and to learn to truly appreciate the
freedom that before all this we had come to think of as our human right.
Help us to remember those small but wonderful moments during
lockdown when we saw glimmers of our pre-covid existence and came to
appreciate the real beauty in the world; the love for our friends and family
and your presence guiding us always.

We pray for those for whom the reality of living in lockdown was before all
of this, their “normal”, those who are housebound and unable to enjoy
the connections of the outside world that we so cherish. Thank you that
this period of time has provided us with opportunity to think about how
we can reach out to people in this position and include them in our
worshipping communities.

Please help us to continue to use all that we have learnt during this
challenging time to live our lives in your eternal love and help others to
open their hearts to you.



Rachel Humphreys