Prayer of the Month June 2024

Dear Lord,

Come to us where we are in your goodness and mercy,

Dear Lord,

Come to us , come where we pray and commune with you,

Dear Lord,

Share with us Your way, not our way, we pray, or the way of the world.

Dear Lord,

Show us your love.

Whether in our understandings of your creation.

Dear Lord,

Whether in one so small as the wren,

Flighty, swift and almost invisible to the hustle and bustle of city traffic and human machinery.


Dear Lord,

Whether in the fleeting glance of seasonal wishes and glances between strangers.

Brought together, in your name in your house.

Together with you as our rock and salvation.

We know we can rest on you Lord.

We know you will show us the way,


Whether we are out and about running,  walking, knitting for Christian Aid 70k in May,

Whether we are ‘in the ether’, online with social media.

With looks of hope and glances of encouragement,

We are here for you Lord,

To be your hands and feet ; to be your hearts and souls as Jesus taught us.


Thank you, Lord,

For your blessings and guidance,

For the wren and wild birds who we cherish and hold dear.

Whether through the Dawn Chorus in our waking.

Through these longer days.

We can hear your love, in their call and reply.

Whether through the sparkle of Forget Me Nots,

Who encourage busy bees, to settle and work.

Collect nectar and buzz, reminding us of your business in our lives.

Always there Lord,

Always with us.

Ever present.


Kimberley Osivwemu