Prayer of the Month, October 2020

Creator God, we praise you for the beauty and bounty of the earth. We give thanks  for  the  changing  seasons  and  the  varied  blessings  they  bestow. In Autumn, our thoughts turn to the harvest and we are thankful for farmers, drivers, factory workers and shop workers – all who enable us to put food on our tables.

At the same time, we remember those who rely on food banks, free school meals and food vouchers to ensure their children eat well. We pray for all who donate food or work in food banks; we pray for those who receive the food, that their circumstances may change for the better.

We pray too for refugees and those who live in parts of the world where it is difficult to grow sufficient food. We give thanks and pray for workers from All We Can and other support agencies as they work alongside others to improve their lives.

Guide humankind that we may all understand and work together to enable this world you have given us to thrive and flourish.


Christine Davis