“We are an ecumenical, inclusive and creative, Christian community exploring faith in a safe space”

Join us on Wednesday evenings, 7pm at the Nook in Mosaic (the former Nexus Cafe). Central Hall Entrance on Oldham Street. 

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What are we?

Sanctus is a Christian community with an emerging church tradition that explores faith in an urban cultural context.

What do we believe?

We are an inclusive Christian community and believe that God is not defined by theology. As a Christian community, Sanctus 1 is made up of people who are either committed to, or are exploring a journey into, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and with one another. We recognise God’s indefinable presence in music, film, arts and other key areas of contemporary culture. We welcome all equally regardless of race, creed, gender, economic status, cultural background or sexual orientation.

As a community we have shared values: Welcoming, Serving, Rooted and Missional

In 2016 we reassessed our values and considered our vision.  

Our vision is of a church where…

  • We are missional.
  • We want to form relationships
  • We offer services that provide a different way to worship.
  • We would like to grow.

Our Vision is of a church where…

…we are missional:

Reaching those feeling disenfranchised by “Church”.

Outward looking

Talking openly

Being fun and interactive.

Taking Sanctus to others.

Being transient and consistent.


Making our presence felt.

Sharing a unique appeal.

…we want to form relationships:

Bring together thoughtful people.

Develop strength through small groups.

Talk about God and God’s love for us.

Because both adults and children need to have community and friendships.

To gain greater understanding of the Bible from each other.

…we offer services that provide

A different way to worship.

Ways of seeking God.

Discussion and different points of view.

Diversity of topics

Creativity and artfulness.

Experiential times.

Shared food.

Contemporary media.

Somewhere for those that don’t get traditional church.

No communal singing!

…we would like to grow:

To be diverse.

To bring richness

Because it is essential to survival

Because there is strength in numbers.

Sanctus Cathedral6In some ways, we started as remnants of that ancient tradition of Alternative Worship from the late ’80s / early ’90s. We were also inspired by Dave Tomlinson’s Post-Evangelical.

We held our first public act of worship at Manchester Cathedral in January 2002. We have met at the cathedral, at Sacred Trinity in Salford and at various city centre venues (usually ones that serve beer). We now meet at Nexus Art Cafe.

In 2009, the founder of Sanctus, Ben Edson moved on, and our paid minister is currently Catharine Hughes. 

Contact Catharine via our contact us page here.

Guarding policy

This is our protection policy:

At Sanctus, we are concerned with the wholeness of each individual and seek to safeguard all members of our community, of all ages. We each have a duty of care to prevent the neglect and physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults and to report known or suspected abuse.