The Waiting of Eternity

Why do we think that constant activity is our mode of being?

Why are we restless in the waiting times?

Our God is not a distant god

far removed from our reality,

but, written clear in the outpouring of nature

he waits for us to notice

that today, on this spring morning, there is a message,

surprisingly, not a message of growth, of greenery.

Rather, of waiting.


The waiting of fallen leaves, of twigs,

of a great tree torn up by its roots,

pebbles, bones, dead moss.

All are waiting in their different time spans

for regeneration.

All they can do is wait and be, just as they are.

But a time will come for each in its season.

Recycled atoms will burgeon into a new phase of being,

to be followed by more waiting – on into eternity.

God, teach us the necessity and patience of waiting.


Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy