Thy Kingdom Come 2023: Day 7 – Listens

Cut out an ear shape. On one side write the theme for today “listens”.

Place at your focal point. 


In Psalm 139 we hear how God knows everything about us; He knows our thoughts before we have them, He knows our words before we speak them, and knows more about us than we do ourselves. This is why we can have utter confidence that He hears all of our prayers.

God has answered so many prayers in my life, when I have walked closely and when, sadly, I have walked away. I remember when I was 18 nearly 19, a feisty, independent city girl working for a big oil company with a fabulous job and an even more fabulous fiancé, my life felt pretty sorted. Then things started to come crashing down; within a week my fiancé and I split up, we had a sudden family trauma with two deaths within two days, and one of them was my beloved grandma, (my grandma who always prayed a special prayer with me that I still pray every night with my children).

Whilst in the hospital I was really struggling and my father asked me to be strong for him – but I didn’t have any strength to give – I fully understood, it was his mum, she was dying. I stumbled across the hospital chapel, entered, knelt, and prayed. I prayed that if God was there, He would help, give me strength, that I was sorry that I had ignored Him for a long time but right here I couldn’t do this without Him. And He gave me a strength that was beyond myself, and I was able to be supportive to those I loved so dearly through the darkest of days. He didn’t heal my grandma but he carried me through.

And that was the biggest turning point for me in my life; the God of everything breaking through as I turned to Him. He had heard my cries and, as Bishop Michael Curry says, it changed the equation of the moment

Pause and Pray:

Take time to pray for your five people – that they will turn to God in prayer, that they will know His love and that He is always with them.

‘Living the Kingdom’ Action:

Can you share with your five friends that you are praying for them and that God always hears their prayers?


Find the full version of the TKC Prayer Journal 2023 here.