A call for action from South Central Foodbank


Help us campaign to ensure everyone can afford the essentials

Despite living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, around 90% of low-income households receiving Universal Credit are going without essentials, driving more and more people into hardship and through the doors of food banks. 

Do you agree this isn’t right? Everyone’s circumstances can change. Losing your job, needing to care for a sick family member, breaking up with your partner – these are things that can happen to any of us.  Our social security system should offer adequate support to anyone in need of help, but right now it’s not based on an objective assessment of what things cost and isn’t even providing enough to cover life’s essentials.

Will you help change this? You can help today by joining our call to UK political party leaders to support the introduction of an Essentials Guarantee within Universal Credit to ensure that the basic rate at least covers life’s essentials, such as food and bills, and can never be pulled below that level.

As a supporter of our work and communities, we would like to ask for your help today by signing our online petition and sharing this with your networks.

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Thank you for your support.