Where is Reboot?

We are based in Mosaic in Methodist Central Hall Manchester.

What do you provide?

We are proud of the fact that we only give out brand new shoes and socks. We have a small stock in the Reboot Room, but we can always order something in if we haven’t got a size that’s needed.

Who can come to Reboot?

We provide footwear to people in a whole range of circumstances, including those who are experiencing homelessness, migrants and refugees, those who are on low income… and many others besides.

When is Reboot open?

There isn’t a specific set of opening hours, but if you contact Deacon Jenny she will be able to let you know when she’s available.

How can I support you?

We don’t really need ‘on the ground’ volunteers, but we are always looking for regular ‘sponsors’ – people who are happy to make a financial donation to ensure that they shelves have some shoes on them, or we can order in what’s needed.

For more info contact

Deacon Jenny Jones 07939 939523