A Quiet Space for the CoP, its delegates and those affected by it

As the UN Climate Change conference (CoP28) gets underway in Dubai  in the United Arab Emirates with the slogan “Unite.Act.Deliver” People of Faith and Non-Believers are invited a quiet space; to share prayers and to contemplate the crisis situation facing the world, its environment and people.

Manchester Cathedral Victoria Street, Manchester M3 1SX.  

We are meeting in the Regimental Chapel on the North side,  appropriately under the “Flame Window”.

16.00-16.45 Thursday 30th. November 2023.

People of all faith traditions (or none) are invited to bring a large picture or artefact and to share a brief (one minute!) prayer or contemplation on it as reflecting something threatened by or already lost due to anthropogenic climate change. 

The action will follow a predominantly secular vigil at Media City (Salford Quays) where broadcasters will be challenged, encouraged and mandated to rise to their responsibilities in covering the conference and situation comprehensively with seriousness and integrity.  

Those who wish will be able to make their way to the Cathedral as a body on foot or by transport, arriving in time to use the facilities at the Cathedral Cafe adjacent to the Cathedral.

Alternatively people are welcome to just come to the Cathedral event.  

Sign up via eventbrite here.

Think Polluters should pay for their damage?    You might like to sign up to encourage the government to take action- enabling it to meet its obligations: 

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