Advent Reflections 2021: Day 21

Like a candle flame (StF 176)


Graham Kendrick’s Candle Song was written as part of his musical tribute for Christmas in 1988 known as ‘The Gift’. We may be 33 years further on, but the words still hold for us today as we prepare to celebrate Christmas – only a few days to go!

We live in a world torn apart by disagreements and conflicts, issues relating to illness and disease (writing this just after my ‘booster’ jab!). The words of the song are very pertinent. But the Gospel story of the nativity is the coming of a baby into the world to show us all the challenge of new life in his name. Remembering the words of the song, the candle flame can bring life to the world: ‘God is with us, alleluia’.

Some keys words from the song that I hold as important:

Stars and angels sing,

yet the earth sleeps in shadows;

can this tiny spark

set a world on fire?

Yet the nativity is about the challenges of what is possible in difficult circumstances in this world. The last few lines of the song challenge us to go forward in faith to serve:

Yet his light shall shine

from our lives, Spirit blazing,

as we touch the flame

of his holy fire.

Chris Cheeseman


Dear Lord,

as we approach the festival of your birth

help us in all our celebrations

to keep you at the centre –

like a candle flame, come to save us. Alleluia! Amen