Call for New Hosts

8 million Ukrainians have been displaced since February 2022, with thousands waiting in refugee centres across Europe. However, this number is increasing. Russia continues its indiscriminate missile attacks, killing civilians and destroying vital infrastructure across Ukraine. Many are still left with the choice of fleeing or freezing.

As the number of displaced Ukrainians grows, so does the number of Ukrainians seeking sanctuary in the UK. Therefore, more hosts are desperately needed to support Ukrainians in the UK. To meet this demand, USPUK and Citizens UK have collaborated to create the Communities for Ukraine programme. 

The programme is now urgently looking for more host families across the UK, to provide a place of safety for Ukrainians who are still without homes, safety, and stability. The programme is in touch with thousands of Ukrainians both waiting in refugee centres in Warsaw and in Ukraine, who are currently facing an uncertain future. 

If you can open your home to a Ukrainian fleeing war, please register your interest on the Communities for Ukraine pages on the USPUK or Citizens UK websites. You may think you cannot offer a lot, but what you can offer is safety and hope.