Daily Advent Reflection: 14th December 2020

Mark 4: 35–41

Gather round… quickly… and listen very carefully.

Mark says we are to pass on the secret, but it is a dangerous secret,
we need to be careful with it. Someone’s coming to bring us light and
hope and peace. Yes, he can actually do that. He is able to bring light
into our current confusion, hope into our present despair and peace
into all our anxiety. He really is able to still every one of life’s storms
with a word, if we’ll let him.

But, and this is important – beware! Anyone who can still the furious
squall that Coronavirus has caused in our lives, isn’t someone who is
cosy and cuddly and comfortable to know.

We might find him small and vulnerable and in a manger, but believe
me, his voice once rang through the courts of heaven, his hands
formed the cosmos, and lifting that voice and raising those hands he
has the right to command the storm, and it can do nothing but comply.
‘Who is he?’ you ask me, but that’s for you to discover, that’s why Mark
is sharing his dangerous secret because this special someone is
coming with all his power and authority: in fact, he’s already here.

Here for you.

Anne Wilde

Child of the stable’s secret birth,
the Father’s gift to a wayward earth,
to drain the cup in a few short years
of all our sorrows, our sins and tears –
ours the prize for the road you trod:
risen with Christ, at peace with God.†
Praise and thanks be to you, Gracious God,
from the depths of my being and for ever more. Amen.

† Timothy Dudley-Smith, Hymns & Psalms 124