Daily Advent Reflection: December 3rd 2020

Exodus 13: 17–18, 20–22

Not a day goes by that we are not in need of God’s creative grace.
Every morning we need his Spirit to challenge and shake us up again,
to strengthen us for what lies ahead. Every day we need a fresh sign
of God’s presence that speaks to our hearts, to keep our focus on what
is most important. Trying to travel life’s journey without Him will do
nothing but drain us dry.

In the book of Exodus, we read the story of how God’s people had
endured years of bondage – they were oppressed, abused and
mistreated, they needed rescue, they needed a way of escape. And
God saw their need, he didn’t miss a thing, and in his perfect timing,
he acted on their behalf. God set his people free and promised them a
future full of blessing, it was worth fighting for, it was worth going the
distance. But he didn’t lead them on the road that made the most
sense, he didn’t take them the shortest way. The way God chose for
His people would stretch their faith and lead them to places where
they had to depend on Him like never before.

We too often face these challenges as God leads us in a roundabout
way into our own promised land. Maybe today is one of your down
days and you feel like the blessing is too long in coming, maybe you
feel like giving up. The passage from Exodus reminds us that God’s
track record of faithfulness is impeccable. God’s character doesn’t
change, and He is not finished with any of us yet. He will use all things
to strengthen your faith, He wants to bring good out of everything
that happens to you, so stay strong and keep pressing through.

Krystyna Kwarciak

Dear Lord, you know all the things I’m dealing with, only you really
know what I’m going through right now. Today in my family, work, in
my quiet moments and anxious thoughts I will try to keep my eyes fixed
on you. I’m not very good at this, but I will try my best. Will you help me?
What keeps me going is my faith that you will never leave my side,
please don’t let me down. I hope you won’t. I know you won’t. Amen.