Daily Advent Reflections, 10th December 2020

Isaiah 11: 1–9

Advent is a time for watching and waiting – sometimes we get so
caught up in the busyness of Christmas that we miss the gift of this
church season and focus on celebrating the gift of the Christ-child.
Whilst there is nothing wrong with that – this year, out of all years,
gives us opportunity to pause, to watch and to wait. It feels like the
pandemic has taught us something of this – to wait for news that
brings hope and joy although sometimes a whole load of tears too.
The people of the Old Testament knew what it meant to watch and
wait. We read that the coming of the Messiah was a puzzling time for
those in the Old Testament. The prophet is saying that the Messiah is
coming. Isaiah predicts that the “tree” of the line of David will be cut
down and that a shoot must grow out of the stock of Jesse before it
will flourish again. And when the Messiah comes – he will be full of
wisdom, understanding, council, knowledge, righteousness, justice
and faithfulness.

This was their hope. Their hope for their future. The Promise of the
One to come. Jesus is the fulfilment of that promise. In the creation
accounts – we find the Spirit of God hovering over the chaos of the
world. Here in 2020, the world is very much in chaos again due to the
Coronavirus pandemic.

Today, breathe in the Spirit of God as you watch and wait for the
coming of the Christ-child and hope for the fulfilment of the Kingdom
of God.

Sharon Read

Loving God, as we watch and wait this Advent, may we know your Spirit
hovering over us. Amen.