Lent Cross 2023: Week 1

Using a bare wooden cross to which different items are added each Sunday during lent. On Easter Sunday the items are removed one by one and then the cross is covered with flowers.


On our journey through lent, may these symbols be reminders of the road Jesus took,

the road of pain and suffering, the path of self-giving love.

May they also remind us of the suffering of the world and challenge us to respond.

Today we place bread and wine on our Lenten cross,

reminders of the last meal Jesus shared with his friends, a meal that was to end in betrayal.

We remember all who will go hungry today,

thinking of those who feel betrayed by leaders and governments who have put their own needs before those of the people they should be serving.

Lord Jesus,

as you suffered, so many in our world still suffer today.

Challenge us to make a difference through our actions and our prayers.


Adapted from the Vine Worship Resources