Prayer activity for week beginning 13th April, Rev. Sue Williams

I do realise that tissues, toilet rolls and kitchen rolls are precious commodities at the moment, but  I think we could spare a couple of sheets or tissues for this prayer idea.  I found this idea on the 24-7 prayer website (


  • tissues/toilet roll/kitchen roll
  • pens

Set Up: You could do this activity at a table, maybe with your family, or in your quiet place.

Suggested Instructions:

Tissues are fragile. They tear easily.

Think about someone you know, or groups of people (e.g. those who are elderly or homeless) who may feel ‘fragile’ or vulnerable.

If you want to, write or draw a hope or a prayer for them onto one of the tissues. 

Keep the tissue in your pocket or put it beside your bed to remind you to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

Rev. Sue Williams