Prayer of the Month, October 2021

Lord  Creator God, we praise you. At this time of Harvest we give thanks for all good things which come from You.

You who made the heavens and the earth. You, who made the stars bringing light out of darkness; You, who made the earth as our home; You, who made the clear air we breathe; You, who made the waters which sustain us. You, who made the land where we live and toil. This earth so small, a rock in a solar system, a dot in a galaxy, not even a pixel in a universe. This earth we share with abundant life, plants, fungi, animals of too many kinds even to know. This life-giving planet of which we are a dependent part.

We confess and are sorry for our neglect of  your  world.  Through  neglect, ignorance, convenience and greed we have polluted the air with atmospheric warming gases. We have filled the oceans with chemicals, plastics. We have taken  from  forests  and  soils  giving  little back, expecting more. We have  disregarded the life you created, presiding over mass extinctions.

We pray for the future of this earth, for all its peoples. Teach us Lord to be the good stewards  you intend; to live  as  part of  this  earth  sharing  with  one another. Teach us to change how we live, how we take and give to this earth. Teach us to be content with enough and no longer seek after all.

We thank you that you are enough, that you are plenty. For you have given us all in Christ.


Steven Rowe