Prayer of the Month, September 2021

Almighty God, Alpha and Omega, our thoughts turn to new beginnings as we start a new Methodist year.

We offer our praise that you were present and at work at the beginning of time and the creation of the universe and our world. Your Spirit brought life to the world, and you saw that everything was good.

We offer our praise that the Word was also present at the beginning of all things. The Word was and is life and light. The Word became flesh and renewal began.

We pray for your guidance as we begin a new Church year. We know that there has been relaxation of rules relating to COVID-19 but are aware of our personal and group responsibility. Be with all Churches in the Circuit as risk assessments are made and reviewed. Guide us as we seek to explore different ways of worship, fellowship and witness.

We ask that this coming year will enable us to review our individual and Church situations, to grow as Christians and as Churches. May we feel renewal of faith and be energised to serve you.

In the name of Jesus,


Chris Davis