Thy Kingdom Come 2021: Day 2 – Praise


The way of abundant joy

In Christian worship there is lots of praise. Christians often tell
God how brilliant God is. What sort of God needs this, is often the
response from those who are new to the Christian faith? God must be
very insecure, they think.

But we don’t praise God because God needs it. We do it because we
need it. When we praise God we put ourselves in perspective. We
acknowledge that God is the source and origin of everything, even the
breath that we’re taking right now. Without God, there is nothing.
There is no one who doesn’t need to know that.

The way of life which is the way of Jesus Christ is a way of abundant,
appreciative joy. Even in the darkest hours, we believe in the light, we
praise him. And from the perspective of his light pray for others.


Faithful God, help me to understand myself, so that even in the most
difficult times I may know your presence with me and may sing your
praises, defiantly praising your goodness even when there is so much that
is wrong. And today, help me show others the good things I receive in
Christ and show the world His way.

Prayer Activity:

Cut out a flame shape. On one side write the theme for today

Use the prayer and perhaps add your own for those who especially need our prayers today.

Action: look at the action and write on the back of your flame or write in the journal.

Place at your focal point.



The full version of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer Journal 2021 can be viewed here: Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Journal 2021