Thy Kingdom Come 2023: Day 10 – Empowers

Cut out the shape of a fist. On one side write the theme for today “empowers”.

Place at your focal point. 


When Mary shares her joy at being trusted by God to bear Jesus in her very body and to bring him to birth, she does so in a way we can all share and be a part of. Her joyful expression and appreciation of a God who trusts her, accepts her offering, her ‘Yes’ signals to all of us that each of us too are wanted and needed as part of God’s plan. God gladly takes the ordinariness of our lives and our very selves. God then blesses what we give and through grace works in us, and our lives, something extraordinary.

When we say ‘Yes’ to God, we are lifted up in and through our relationship with God, not kept in our place. God empowers us to be the people God always intended us to be when God made us. In Christ we are redeemed and transformed. The old labels of loser and winner, success and failure, powerful and insignificant no longer apply or have any validity. We are, as the people of God, called to be the friends of God. We are called to be those who know they belong, because we are known by name and loved generously. We are seen clearly and valued immensely by God who empowers and lifts us up. With this knowledge comes a gracious invitation to us as the friends of God to be those who nurture others, especially to see those who are ignored and neglected by society. We are to pay attention to the world in the same loving way God pays attention to us.

Pause and Pray:

Take time to pray and journal for your five people. Pray that they will experience God’s life transforming love and be empowered to be all God has created them to be.

‘Living the Kingdom’ Action:

Each day, pay attention to the people who provide services for us (however routine or ordinary), and thank them by name.


Find the full version of the TKC Prayer Journal 2023 here.