WPCU 2024: Day 8

Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise”. (Lk 10:37)

Lord, may our mercy be a sign of your Kingdom

Additional scripture passages

  • Romans 12:9-13
  • Psalm 41:1-2


Through these words – “Go and do likewise” – Jesus sends each of us, and our churches, to live out His commandment to love. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we are sent out to be “other Christs”, reaching out to a suffering humanity in compassion and mercy. Like the Good Samaritan towards the injured man, we can choose not to reject those who are different, rather cultivating a culture of proximity and goodwill – actively seeking out and moving towards opportunities to be hospitable, to welcome and to share – in our common task to bring to fruition the dream of God.

In considering how Jesus’ invitation to “Go and do likewise” speaks to our own lives, we must not lose sight of the need for compassion and mercy in places we may not be willing to go, or have no direct connection with, such as areas like the Sahel region affected by inter-communal conflict. To truly be neighbours, our horizons must expand beyond that which does not cost us anything, encompassing the whole world, as we intentionally strive for justice and unity, learning how Christ’s love can visit us through the welcoming of others.

Striving together for merciful unity helps rebuild relationships, so that violence can give way to solidarity and peace. As mutual trust and confidence increase, we become more willing to reveal our wounds, including ecclesial wounds, in the hope that Christ’s love may visit and heal us through each other’s love and care.


After the cacophony was over,

there was painful stillness.

Moments of lucidness punctuated with nothing.


in the dirt

I pray.




A hand upon my body

different from before.

The intention of the touch – mindful of the pain still present –

is to tend,

not to harm.




The smell of wine poured to soothe

bittersweet tannin in my mouth.

The feeling of oil running down my skin

the wounds of the body the meeting place for pain and peace

a balm for mind, body and soul.




Blurred figures linger as I move

weightless in unknown surroundings

yet the familiar touch of compassion.

Faint murmurs in unfamiliar tongues

promise care.

This time, as I open my eyes,

having never seen you before

I recognise your mercy.

Go and Do

Personal: Reflect on how you have experienced ‘other Christ’s’ and been Christ to others, then share some stories about this with others, and pray for more opportunities.

Local: Where is God already at work in your community? Map out where you live highlighting the places where you notice something happening that may be God’s dream for your communities. Explore how you might join in and go and do likewise.

Global: ‘Go and do likewise’ does not mean we have to go to places such as the Sahel region to have an impact. Explore ways of connecting with churches and partner organisations in Burkina Faso and other places that seem far away and actively seek deeper connection and understanding of situations/context.

Original source: WPCU 2024