Activities and Resources for Lent

“Lord may Lent be a time of inward searching that makes me more able to look with compassion at the needs of the world. Amen”(

As we approach the Lenten period there are a number of activities that you can participate in during this time of self-examination and reflection as you prepare for Easter. 


are encouraging people to Count Your Blessings


All we can are offering Lent 2021 – Change Begins, the opportunity to be part of the change that is currently happening for families and communities all around the world as well as in your own journey with God. You can download resources here: Lent 2021 – Change Begins | All We Can


Together at Home are offering a range of Easter Resources including:

Our own weekly Lent Activities online: 

As well as our weekly Bible Study sessions around the Methodist Way of Life you can visit: A Word in Time Bible study (