I do not believe in chaos!

No, rather, innumerable variables,

interdependent, interacting, interweaving,

in myriad unravellable intricacies.

Too complex for statistical calculation.

Wind speed, air pressure, temperature, humidity,

mass, weight, density …

Not just today,


but across the globe,

across the universe.


And so,

this leaf falls to the ground now;

that branch sways to that degree …

this butterfly is swept in that direction,

but overarching all these variables and consequences,

with intrinsic resurrection.


Year on year,

the cycle progresses.

Autumnal glory and fruitfulness;

winter hibernation and a long resting;

spring resurrection in thrusting shoots;

summer fecundity in exuberance,

leading to a renewal of autumnal harvest.

and, unseen, immeasurable,

under-girding it all,

not chaos,

but infinite predictability

known in its fullness

only in the mind we call God.


By permission of Rev Ros Murphy