Corona Virus

In these desperate, lonely days

we can find strength in our faith.

Maybe the name for this troublesome virus

was chosen for its crown like appearance

or its similarity to the ‘corona’ of light

surrounding the sun during an eclipse.

Corona suggests undefeatable power, awesomeness.


But, how different from that other crown – of thorns,

never to be forgotten

as we revisit the Good Friday stories.

Thankfully, Good Friday is followed by Easter Day.

We can celebrate the deep truth

Jesus revealed to powerful Pilate.

‘My kingdom is not of this world’,

or as St. Paul wrote,

‘God’s apparent weakness is stronger than human strength’.

Despite this troublesome virus, despite our isolation

we can and will still celebrate Easter,

assured that there is nothing which can exterminate God

who will give us the strength to cope,

come what may both in this earthly life and in that mystery

which we trust lies beyond bodily death.

Halleluiah indeed!


By permission of Rev. Ros Murphy