Prayer of the Month, February 2020

Lord, the year has renewed again and we have so much to thank you for. We thank you for all the gifts that the last twelve months have brought, all of the joys and laughter and progress made. We thank you too for bringing us through it’s trials, and pains, and for being there when we as individuals and as a nation face uncertainty.

Now please help us to remember the promises that we made at Covenant. As we look forward, and fill our calendars with plans, help us to remember to listen to what you want for us as well. As James says, help us to not fill our lives with our own ambitions but remember to listen to your will, and to follow it as best we can. Help us to hear you Lord; shout to us when a whisper won’t do, as we promise faithfully to listen and remain always ready to respond.


Abigail Parr