Creator God, we gaze upon the sunrise of your glory,

flaming out, all-pervading,

awe-inspiring in its majesty.

Flung across the bowl of the lake,

sharply contrasting with the flatness of earthly forms,

stark black trees and mountains,

reflecting in the still waters.


Just so is your glory

reflected in the lake of faithful believers,

its image less radiant,

yet mirrored there,

fragmented by ripples and waves of busyness,

refocusing in the moments of stillness.


Revealing God, let us remember

that for many,

our reflections of your glory

may be all that they see.

Help us to be still enough

to mirror your true glory,

so radiant and all-pervading

that they too may turn to you,

to see for themselves

the kingdom, the power and the glory

which are yours,

now and forever.


Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy