The Almighty Sea

Watching the sea,

there comes a sense of God.

God the creator.

The immensity of water encircling the earth,

surgingly powerful,

pounding the rocks in a torrent of spray,

gently caressing the fringes of the shore.

Unseen currents, full of strength and motion.

Curling waves toppling over.

Saturating and permeating through and through.


God, you are the sea of the soul,

infinite and incomprehensible.

Surgingly powerful in a moment of awe.

Gently caressing the battered edges of your suffering children,

your power an unseen current of strength,

flooding through the soul.

Sweeping, bearing up those who trust in your presence.

Saturating and permeating through and through.


Help us to open ourselves to your waters.

Help us to remember the pounding torrents of your judgement,

purifying the soul.

Help us to fling ourselves on your mercy,

that we may be soaked in your presence,

and be and do according to your will.


 Included by permission of the author, the Rev. Ros Murphy