Thy Kingdom Come 2021 – Day 3: Thanks


Expanding the heart

When we stood outside on Thursday evenings in the summer of 2020
cheering the NHS, did we realise how much it would change us? By
giving thanks, by praising, we learnt to put the needs of others before
our own. We discovered a deep appreciation for those who put their
lives at risk to serve us.

Thanksgiving expands the heart. We cheered other key workers as
well. And who would have thought that the person stacking the
supermarket shelves was an essential worker? We learnt that we belong
to each other: that my well-being is tied up with everyone’s well-being;
that Covid-19 won’t be dealt with anywhere, until it is dealt with
everywhere. This is also the way of Jesus, where we learn that we are
sisters and brothers, children of one God.

Let us pray that the people we know, and the whole world, may find
the way of Christ.


Generous God, fill my heart with thanksgiving for all the blessing I receive
in life. Expand my heart, and help me love, support and cherish those who
serve me. And today help me to live as sister or brother to all whom I meet.

Prayer Activity:

Cut out a flame shape. On one side write the theme for today

Use the prayer and perhaps add your own for those who especially need our prayers today.

Action: look at the action and write on the back of your flame or write in the journal.

Place at your focal point.



The full version of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer Journal 2021 can be viewed here: Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Journal 2021